What type of Catalyst Life Coach am I?

I am an empowerment catalyst Life Coach who is spiritually open-minded and understands the language of our emotions. I have navigated many of the same challenges that you face. I will be honest and authentic sharing my knowledge and intuition unconditionally. I have been on my own path of emotional empowerment from a very young age. I continue to develop my coaching knowledge through on-going classes, seminars, and receiving professional coaching. I have helped people navigate career changes, life transitions, and bumpy relationships. I love to guide clients to learning self-care and empowerment. I have spent half my working life in the corporate world and the other half being a spiritual entrepreneur, following my true purpose. Through owning and managing my own business for over 23 years, I have transitioned through multiple changes understanding the challenges and joys of owning and working in a sustainable business that supports my family.

I have been married for 35+ years, and my husband and I have raised two daughters and multiple pets. I was a working mom with a stay at home husband when our children were at home. I’m one of seven children. I have an amazing ability to hold space and listen, igniting insight that is the catalyst to your empowered self. I believe in the laws of nature to include the law of attraction, law of abundance, intention setting, and body/mind/spirit connection.


Bachelors of Business 1985 from UW Milwaukee, WI
Licensed Esthetician 1999, Institute of Beauty and Wellness
Reiki I-2001, Reiki II-2003, Reiki III-2004 with Nancy Retzlaff
Reiki Master/Teacher-2008 International Center for Reiki Training, Sedona, AZ Laurelle Shanti Gaia & Michael Baird
Spiritual Mastery Program-2009 Joyful Living Center
Life Coaching Certification-2010 Clear Inner Focus Coaching~Patty Jackson
Yoga-Unified Body Method Teacher-2013
Minister of Universal Life Church-2015; Wedding officiant
Emotional Empowerment FEEL Process, Coaching certification-2015, International Institute for Emotional Empowerment

Transformational Coaching Certification with Keith Merron Jan, 2022



Experience Catalyst-Life Coaching and watch your possibilities expand!