I’m an emotional empowerment coach who works with groups and individuals to teach, encourage and support self care strategies. Every year around this time I feel completely turned off by all the emails flooding my inbox encouraging me to step into the new year with intention. My inner rebel comes up and says “don’t tell me what to do”. This is an example of my own inner awareness. If someone tells me what to do, I rebel.

This is not a blog post of tips and tools for you to be your best self through new years resolutions. This is an invitation to honor and accept yourself right where you are.

What are you aware of that is right with you? What are you proud of? Was there an event or project that felt scary or out of your comfort zone? I invite you to focus and acknowledge yourself for the things you did right this past year.

I believe that when I notice what is right with me, and acknowledge myself, this simple internal act creates the fuel/energy/motivation for me to continue on my path taking steps towards more of what I desire from a place of love not from a place of shame and blame.

I invite you to try this simple exercise only if you feel inspired. Get a piece of paper or open a blank document on your computer and create your list of “Things I’m Celebrating About MYSELF!” Allow yourself 5-20 minutes to capture your celebrations.

  1. Journal: Things I’m celebrating about myself and 2022
  2. Re-read and bask in your efforts, progress and results
  3. Remind yourself that you are enough right where you are
  4. What do you feel? Write it down “I feel ……”
  5. Honor the emotion even if it is a heavy emotion. Remember that emotion =Energy in Motion. Allow it to exist. Resist the urge to ignore, stuff, or hide the emotion.
  6. Ask your heart, “what do I need?“. Notice, “what do I desire to feel?”
  7. Close your eyes and allow yourself to imagine that feeling right now.
  8. From this place ask yourself again…”What’s one small step I can take right now to move closer to my desire?”
  9. Take the step.
  10. Bask in the power of self care and self love.

Even if all you choose to do is read and contemplate this list of action steps that is enough!

I believe in acknowledging myself along the way. I believe the rebel in me resists the desire to create my new years intention on January 1 because I feel inspired to do this throughout the year.

This simple action of self acknowledgment gives me the fuel to show up consistently for myself. The result is more internal energy and motivation to do the work that I love. Loving myself completely in all my ups and downs and teaching others to do the same. The result is living a life with more ease and joy.

May you have a Happy New Year and continue to notice what is right with you. Don’t be afraid to celebrate every little step you take. You create your reality with your thoughts so be aware of what you are thinking and focusing on and always remember to pause and ask yourself “What do I need?”

In 2023 I’m calling in a year of self reflection, self care, and healing. If you are in need of an accountability partner to help you to change the habits and mindsets that are keeping you from being your best self, please schedule a free Life Coaching discovery session to explore how I can support you through Catalyst Life Coaching. Ready to step in and learn the tools and techniques to become a Life Coach? Next certification class begins Tuesday 1/31/2023. Curious to learn more? Call me, I would love to chat with you today.

Receive and Believe,

Susie Raymond

Emotional Empowerment Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Esthetician, Catalyst Clear Inner Focus Coach