How do you feel about your birthday? Do you dread it or celebrate it? I have a big Birthday this year, I turn 60 years young! I have always loved my birthday. I believe it is because I’m the youngest of seven children and it was the one day of the year that I felt ‘special.’ My mom also told us we didn’t have to do any ‘chores’ so when my birthday fell on a Saturday (major house cleaning day with long lists before you could go out and PLAY!) it was a huge reason to celebrate.

I have always been a bit of a rebel with an angelic face which provides a great disguise for my rebel. I’m definitely rebelling against the idea that 60 is the beginning of the end. I like to think of it as the beginning of my next third of life. For me I feel excited for the possibilities that await me during this stage.

Stepping into my 60’s with grace allows me to….

Have more FREEDOM!
Not worry about what other people think.
Give myself permission to play and take time off.
Celebrate the fine lines and wrinkles that express my wisdom.
Have days without any time commitments.
Celebrate my relationships with friends and family.
Read a book in the middle of the day!
Learn new things…technology, Spanish, maybe even cooking?
I believe many of these gifts come from the internal work I have been doing for years, learning to love and accept myself right where I am. One of the most impactful lessons I learned over 15 years ago during my Life Coach certification is to acknowledge myself for what is right with me and re-assure myself that I’m enough. Wow, re-wiring these old stories can take years. It takes consistent practice, being gentle with myself and talking back to my inner critic.

Finding grace as you age is an internal job. Remembering that you choose your thoughts, and if you believe that thoughts become things then choose the good feeling thoughts. I love working with so many woman who are older and wiser than me. They continue to provide me with great examples of what I want to be like when I grow up!

“We are not proponents of long life.We are proponents of joyful life, and when you find yourself in joy, the longevity usually follows. We do not count the success of a life by its length; we count it by its joy.”


I celebrate you today! Thank you for joining me in this wonderful adventure of life. Now let’s go PLAY!

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Susie Raymond,

Clear Inner Focus Life Coach/Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher, Esthetician, Entrepreneur

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