I love teaching and witnessing the impact our emotions have on our thoughts and experiences. As I write this I think about the difference between teaching and witnessing. When I teach about emotions it has a practical, almost mathematical expression, exploring the equation: if X than Y. As I observe emotions within myself I notice the feeling of being ‘in it’ without judging or shaming the felt emotion. When I witness an emotion of someone I love and care about I feel it in a deep way, this is empathy. What I have come to learn and integrate for myself is the power of self-care, which helps me as I navigate all the emotions that life presents. Teaching and guiding others to love themself right where they are is my passion. I can only teach that which I practice myself.

This past week I experienced a spectrum of emotions from elation to sadness. Our daughter and her significant other came home for a week-long visit. The elation and anticipation made me feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. I was so excited, I had a felt sense of energy in motion or e-motion. My energy was high, contagious and joyful. I was bubbling with exuberance. Throughout the week I continued to remind myself to savor the time, to be present, to soak in the time with family. I did this when my mind would wander to how much time I had with them before they left. Then the day arrived for them to load up the car and drive back to Colorado. I felt deep sadness the night before they left and I couldn’t shake it. I tried to hide it. Telling myself I should be stronger! (Do you hear my inner judge?) They left at the crack of dawn and we said our goodbyes. I felt so sad. It didn’t matter that we had an amazing week, I was flat out sad.

What I witnessed was that to cover up or push away my sadness I went into “doing”. The tasks at hand (laundry, re-making the beds, business bookwork, etc.). Tasks gave me a sense of grounded-ness. What I noticed was the ‘doing’ did not take away the sadness however it made me feel temporarily purposeful or productive. There was an unconscious attempt to cover up my sadness with doing. I was sad all day and night. By the afternoon I gave myself permission for self care. I took a walk, I listened to an audio book, even attempted to nap. Most importantly, I let myself sit in my sadness without judging it or trying to shift it. I even watched a TV show that I knew would allow me to release some sadness via tears. My other self-care tool is to tell myself “tomorrow you will feel different from today.” With this statement I’m not telling myself I will feel better or that I need to get over it. It is a statement of love and acceptance, an inner knowing that I will feel different tomorrow. I’m pleased to say that today I feel different. My inner alignment and balance has returned. I see the gifts in my life vs. the absence. I relish the relationship that I have with my daughter, and the time we spent together.

I’m proud of giving myself permission to be sad for an entire day and sitting in it. Sharing my sadness in this blog post is also a part of owning my sadness and vulnerability. As I honor my human emotions with love and acceptance they move through me. When I stuff or judge them they get stuck and come out sideways or in a form of dis-ease. Can you relate to aspects of this story?

Do you want to learn to become a greater witness to your emotions and techniques to soften your inner judge? If you are feeling stuck, stressed, anxious and crave more ease, joy and inner trust I can help you. Curious to learn more? Take a step, schedule a complimentary Catalyst Life Coaching discovery session where I promise I will offer you with at least one strategy to support you in finding your inner-joy. In addition I will offer you an opportunity to commit and step into your inner transformation where together we will uncover your unique strengths and super power(s) to navigate all your human emotions.

Sending you Love & Light, Susie Raymond

Catalyst Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Esthetician, Clear Inner Focus Coach

Energy in Motion~Honoring all emotions