When I learned about my energy bubble 15+ years ago it felt like a lifeline to help me manage my own feelings and recognize the boundary between what I am responsible for and what another person is responsible for. As a highly sensitive/empathic person, prior to learning and using my energy bubble I often felt tossed around by my own feelings and other people’s feelings.

The information that I’m sharing was created by my Life Coach teacher, Patty Jackson, Clear Inner Focus Mindset Coaching. If you are curious to learn more about these concepts, I highly recommend the book Flip Your Focus by Patty Jackson & Robyn Wright. Books are wonderful tools; however working 1:1 with me will create lasting mindset and pattern changes. I can help you create more ease and joy in your life by understanding the power in your emotions and how to use them for personal empowerment. Curious to learn more? Set up a complimentary Life Coaching discovery session.

Do you speak more than one language? I’m beginning to learn Spanish and what I know to be true is consistent practice, daily, is the key. I have noticed how Duolingo presents the same concept/words within different sentences for me to get the repetition without becoming bored.

The universe will do the same for you…present situations differently to give you practice at staying in your energy bubble.

What type of situation causes you to retreat, contract, close down? For me, I have a tendency to contract and be shy if I believe I will face criticism. When I become aware of my thoughts and energy bubble, I come back to my breath and ask myself “what do I need” my heart will guide me to my solution. It may be as simple as telling myself “I got this.” “Don’t take it personally.”  

Energy Bubble Anatomy

  1. Flow of Love – source of unconditional love it’s always there, we are never alone.
  2. Energy Bubble Boundary-holds our thoughts, feelings, actions, and inactions.
    “You are responsible for everything within your energy bubble. And others are responsible for theirs.”
  3. Feelings are emotions. Our emotions give us signals. Become aware of what your signal is within your body when you feel these different emotions.
  4. SOUL the deep inner knowing part of you that transcends life’s conditioning. Sometimes referred to as your higher self.
  5. Thoughts Patterns help us make sense of things. Combination of beliefs, experiences, cultural norms. Thought patterns are not you, but they influence behaviors. First step is to become aware of your thought patterns and how they influence you. Your behavior is one way to be responsible for your ENERGY BUBBLE.
  6. Overflow of Love  When you feel an overflow of love it is a feeling of abundance, top of the world feeling everything feels in alignment.
  7. Heart where we feel the big emotions. Centering by focusing on your breath and moving from the mind into the heart is where you can find the answer to the question “What do I need?”
  8. Strongest Personality Traits are the ones you ‘exercise’ the most by focusing on and expressing them.

Emotions are signals. When I soften my inner judgment and bring in acceptance to my thoughts I soften my inner judge. Emotions are energy in motion, I can use the fuel of my emotions to move towards a desired outcome. Resulting in a greater feeling of confidence and ease. You can do this too!

Examples of emotions and the signals they give me:

  • Anxiety~so many thoughts in my mind, I feel swirly and untethered.
  • Fear~tightening in the gut.
  • Anger~hot, fast, reactive, protective.
  • Joy~excitement, connection, expansive

KEY CONCEPT: Remember that you are responsible for your energy bubble only and others are responsible for theirs. If you are highly sensitive or empathic you may notice how you can sense and feel others emotions when you are together. It is important to remember to create your energy bubble around you and know that you have the power to let in or keep out other peoples ‘stuff’.

Steps you can take to increase your personal energy:
  1. Notice your own thoughts, feelings and emotions with awareness and acceptance.
  2. Take some deep breaths.
  3. Ask yourself “what would I rather be feeling?” put your focus on that better feeling.
  4. Ask yourself “what do I need right now?” and take that step.

 Recently I was at a celebration of life for a relative. Initially, I didn’t feel sad, my relative who passed had a full life and was at peace with dying. It was a celebration. However the sadness came over me at the service. Obviously it was a collective emotion. I allowed it to flow with acceptance. After the service I was aware of my fatigue and that my energy bubble felt small. The step I took was some alone time in the northern woods of WI. As I breathed in the smell of the tall pines and wet earth I could sense and feel myself being filled up. My energy bubble needed some forest bathing. I was then ready to step back into the evening celebration with more energy and ease.

What stood out for you? The act of acknowledging your feelings with acceptance is a powerful practice. Softening your inner judge and remembering that you always have an opportunity to change what you’re focusing on is a powerful tool. With practice it can become your second language.

Make a commitment to yourself right now and take one small step towards understanding your emotions and how they impact your energy bubble and overall happiness. Consistency is key to creating a new habit. 

Curious to work 1:1? Schedule your complimentary Life Coaching session to experience how it feels. I’m here and ready to guide you, so that you can experience more confidence and less stress.

Susie Raymond, Catalyst Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Esthetician