I have experienced a season of longing. It started on Mothers’ Day; I longed for our two adult daughters who have spread their wings. One lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and the other in Winter Park, Colorado. I texted them the day after Mothers’ Day and asked if they could plan a visit home over the summer. Labor Day came and went and my longing increased because they chose to go other places during their summer vacation. This is when my self-coaching skills came in handy. I re-assured myself that their decision to spend their vacations with friends was not about me, it was about them listening to their own hearts desire. However, I felt the longing increase so I asked myself “what step can I take to change this situation?”

Lessons From Longing

My solution? I booked a trip to see them! Taking that step to schedule a visit helped soothe the feeling of longing. It instantly switched to excitement and anticipation. We just returned from five beautiful days in Colorado visiting our youngest daughter and we will see our oldest daughter for Thanksgiving.

In Colorado we had a glorious first day in the mountains with old friends, laughter, and joy. However the second morning I woke up with sadness already anticipating going home in three days. Being aware of my emotion, I reached for my journal and wrote. This simple yet powerful act allowed the emotion of sadness to flow through me, giving me the space to let the tears flow.

Feeling your emotions and allowing them to move through you without stuffing them or judging them is how you honor your emotions from a place of love and acceptance. I also reminded myself I had four more days ahead to be with my daughter.

The last full day before we headed back home was spent at a beautiful natural hot spring. Again I found myself thinking about the good-bye that was just around the corner. Doing more self coaching I reminded myself I get to choose what I want to focus on. Did I want to keep focusing on ‘saying goodbye?’ and feeling sad? NO! I wanted to focus on the beautiful natural surroundings and my time with my daughter. I created a simple reminder for myself. When I would begin to think about saying good-bye I would say to myself “enjoy right now, right here.” This brought me back into the present moment. The present is always where the gift lies. I returned to Wisconsin with a full, happy heart.

What self coaching actions did I take?

1. I asked myself what I needed and I took an action step.
2. I honored my felt emotion of sadness and allowed it to flow through me. When we name our emotions we tame them.
3. I remembered that I’m the one who chooses my thoughts. I reminded myself that what I focus on expands.
4. I gave myself a phrase which brought me back to joy.

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Life is full of lessons,

Susie Raymond

Emotional Empowerment Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Esthetician, Catalyst Clear Inner Focus Coach