A few of my mindfulness practices:
As I find myself in times of social distancing or “time to tune in, re-fuel, and offer my gifts to self and others” I continue to find a sense of safety, increased creativity and joy by practicing the items from this list.

As I enter my third week I don’t feel the extreme ups and downs I have had previously. However, each day or hour can feel different. Please honor these changing moments & emotions with grace, compassion, and self-love. I trust my list may shed light on some simple practices that may be powerful for you to feel centered and reassured during this time. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help, and remember being vulnerable is a strength not a weakness.

Need support? Contact me and we will set up a time for additional support.

I challenge you to pick one to three items to commit to adding to your daily self-care practice. I would love to hear what is working for you. Let me know w/an e-mail.

Create a GRATITUDE notebook. Add to it every time you think of something you’re grateful for and re-read it every time you slip into fear. If you don’t like to write you can simply think of things you are grateful for. Share your gratitude thought with someone. Your sharing will ignite more gratitude.

Create INTENTIONS each morning. This is different from your ‘to do’ list. An intention is asking yourself “What will make me feel good, what will feed my spirit, and lift my spirit or bring me joy and or contentment?” Intentions should be personal, present, and positive, for example: “I am moving with ease.”

HONOR YOUR FEELINGS. Often we try to hide our negative emotions. Allow the feelings to be felt not stuffed. A good cry may not look pretty, however think of how good you feel after it. A good cry is a way to allow the emotions to move through you. Sharing your feelings with a trusted friend, and letting them know you don’t need to be fixed, just listened to. “Today, I feel sad, mad, glad, overwhelmed, frustrated….” Are you aware that each negative emotion is really holding a gift for you to discover? Are you curious to understand the hidden power in your negative emotions? Guiding individuals in understanding the gifts in their negative emotions is my passion. I’ve witnessed my coaching clients unleash their personal power through understanding their emotions. Curious? Contact me for a 30 minutes discovery session. Your emotions are really here to guide you. Let me show you their empowered messages.

RECONNECT WITH NATURE. If you are able to get out and walk in nature, sit near a river or lake, watch the clouds move overhead. If you are not able to get outside re-potting a house plant can give you that grounding feeling.

PERMISSION TO PLAY and BE CREATIVE in whatever way feels good to you. What brings you joy? Now do it! I’ve been playing more card games and I notice what a competitive nature I have. It makes me giggle.

Check in with YOURSELF around potentially addictive habits. Are you engaging in these activities to distract yourself from feeling whatever you are feeling? For example food, alcohol, social media, news, sugar, shopping, gambling all of these can become addictive behaviors. Honoring when it feels good to indulge and when it feels too excessive and invite balance into the equation.

Take time to WITNESS which part of your daily routine feels good and parts that don’t feel good. How can you shift this so that you have more contentment and joy? Many of us have more flexibility now than we have had in the past, but we are so stuck in our habits and routine that we forget we have been given an opportunity to do it differently. Change a habit and then check in with how you feel.

PRIORITIZE YOUR HEALTH, how can you keep your immune system strong? In addition to a healthy diet and immune boosting supplements your thoughts can either increase or decrease your immunity. Stressful thoughts create cortisol and use up energy. Remember that you are in charge of what you think. Create an internal game when you have a negative thought. Have some ‘ammunition thoughts’ for example “I’ve got this.” “I’m not alone, we are in this together.” “I’m okay.” “I can…” “I am….”

CREATING CONNECTIONS when someone pops into your head, reach out with a text or an actual phone call! I have had more telephone conversation and it feels good to connect, support, and be supported by others.

STAY HOME as much as possible. Turn your home into a sanctuary, light candles, play music, decorate your windows with powerful positive messages. Share the love that you have for yourself with others. We are all in this together. I’m here to support you.

Sending you Love & Light, Susie Raymond

Emotional Empowerment Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Esthetician, Catalyst Clear Inner Focus Coach

Mindfulness Practices during a Pandemic | White Sage Spa