My BFF from High School: A True Warrior!
My last blog focused on a feeling of longing and saying goodbye to my daughter after 4 days of visiting. I wrote about how important it is to be aware of how what we focus on expands. Did I want to keep focusing on ‘saying goodbye?’ and feeling sad? NO! I wanted to focus on my time with my daughter. I created a simple reminder for myself. When I would begin to think about saying goodbye I would say to myself “enjoy right now, right here.”

Two weeks later, this newly created mantra “enjoy right now, right here” would be put to an even greater test. Last Sunday I participated in the ALS walk in Milwaukee. I walked to support my best friend from high school who is currently battling this crippling disease.

The event was like a party–I saw friends that I hadn’t seen in 38 years. There was joy and laughter in sharing old memories, which had created these bonds of friendship years ago.

There was also my dear, sweet friend in a wheel chair, her loving wife at her side providing support and unconditional love. I noticed the visible changes in her physical health since our last visit. The wave of emotions I felt ranged from joy to deep sadness. They included guilt, anger and ultimately questioning, “why Cathy?”

What an opportunity to walk my talk. As my mind spiraled into the future it brought pain and grief. I remembered I was the only one who could reel myself back and soothe myself with “enjoy right now, right here.” I could witness the joy and support that surrounds Cathy and would choose to! I was acutely aware of how she must live this every day. I’m humbled as I watch my dear friend navigate this journey with a heart that is filled with love, a mind that focuses on the positive and a body that continues to decline. She is a true warrior.

I also asked myself, “What can I offer to her?” “Is it enough to just show up for her?” I asked a mutual friend who lost her mom to this disease. She assured me, “Yes, the value of showing up and being with her is more than enough.”

What I know is that many people are going through personal struggles. When I feel this I remind myself that it is not my job to fix them. It is my responsibility to show up and love them unconditionally. To remind them of my love and support. To ask them what they need. To trust that showing up is enough.

Where and how do you desire to show up consistently for yourself?

What do you need to provide for yourself so that you can give your overflow to others?

How do you reel in your fear and do you have a tool to help you switch it to love?

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Sending love and light,

Susie Raymond

Emotional Empowerment Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Esthetician, Catalyst Clear Inner Focus Coach