Where is your gap? The gap between where you are and where you desire to be, or what you desire to feel? How do you navigate the gap?

New Year’s Day tradition creates a space in time (new year, new decade) to pause and ask this question. You create resolutions typically riddled with restrictions. You feel committed to your new goal, you practice a new habit, with a fervor, how long until you make a human mistake? Then what do you do? Judge yourself for your weakness to maintain this new habit? Does this sound familiar to you or not? Is this your New Year’s tradition? I’ve just described a normal human pattern. I want to share a different way…

The gap between where we are and where we want to be or what we want to feel exists everyday. I invite you to notice your gap more than once a year. Create a habit of noticing what you notice.

When we notice what we don’t like it gives us the opportunity to ask ourselves “what do I desire?”

For me this is a season of excess. Excess sugar, alcohol, and the excuse that I have to eat the sugary stuff to get it out of my house. It has been a season of giving myself permission to eat the crap and have the fun craft cocktail. I notice that my body feels like crap when I feed it crap. In my mind I’m actually excited for the New Year because I desire to eat less sugar. However I know my brain and body will be sending me the message “just eat the cookie.” How will I navigate this gap?

As I’ve been enjoying the seasons riches I have also noticed how it makes me feel.

Step 1: Notice what you don’t want, and how it makes you feel. AWARENESS – will help you to focus on the gap.

Step 2: Imagine how you want to feel and don’t judge the slip up. ACCEPTANCE-is the opposite of shaming and will keep you focused on your desired result.

Step 3: Ask yourself what one simple step can I take toward what I want that will make me feel good? SELF LOVE is the opposite of self sabotage. Self love is an internal practice and it all begins with you and your thoughts.

So in my case it may seem very simple, don’t eat the cookie. I need more than my inner voice telling me I can’t eat the cookie. Because I have a strong rebellious side that say’s “tell me I can’t and I will show you I can.” I have noticed this about myself and my own pattern.

I’m aware of how I don’t want to feel. I accept that my body will send me signals to eat the sugar because I’ve created this physiological state that will send signals to my brain to eat the cookie. I will be gentle with myself with my internal dialog. I will acknowledge and encourage myself with kind inner thoughts like “you got this” “you will feel better as you continue to clean up your diet” “you can do it”.

Wherever your gap is, I encourage you to notice it with AWARENESS, ACCEPTANCE & SELF LOVE. In addition, recognize that the richness lies in each step you take in the gap between where you are and where you desire to be. This is where you will find your inner gold in each choice you make along the path to your desired outcome. It is the journey, not the destination where you find your strength and your joy.

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Susie Raymond

Emotional Empowerment Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Esthetician, Catalyst Clear Inner Focus Coach