I just returned from a week long Yoga & Adventure retreat in Panama. I continue to reflect on the power of sacred travel. I recognize, I love traveling with the intention of reconnecting with all things I find sacred, God/Spirit/Creator, the elements, my inner child, my daughter, and making new friends. It fills my soul at a deep level. I also had the gift of sharing this experience with my sister and my niece.

This trip was intentional. My daughter, McKenzie and I have hosted retreats in the United States and last September when we climbed a mountain with a group of women and hosted a back country retreat in Colorado we started to imagine what an international retreat would look like. I will admit, I initially had some reservations. Then this amazing opportunity came about to retreat in Panama, and guest teach. It was the perfect opportunity for us to experience a new country, a boutique resort with a private beach, the amazing owners and staff of El Regalo which means “The Gift”. I received so many gifts, one specifically is the confidence and knowledge that we are ready to host a retreat in Panama at El Regalo next year. We have even reserved our dates 3/3/2024.


Another gift I received was detaching from my phone while I was on retreat. It made me aware of how connected  I am to my phone. On retreat, most days I left my phone in my room and chose to communicate once a day with my husband. It felt freeing. As I re-enter into my day to day life at home I recognize how easily I can fall back into my regular patterns and habits. I have committed to myself to set my phone on ‘do not disturb’ and set it in a different room for at least one hour a day. I hope that I can work towards two or three hours at a time. This may sound very simple, however changing a pattern takes conscious awareness and practice. I’m taking baby steps to claim more time to be present with what is, while living my life.

Another desire I have is to learn Spanish. I watched my daughter and another retreat participant communicate with our drivers and the knowledge they learned and translated about our surroundings has inspired me to learn. This will take focus, commitment, and practice. Just like anything we desire to do. I will take baby steps, and in a year I may not be able to speak the language, but my hope is that I can understand more of it.

What dreams do you have? Write them down, imagine the feeling you will have when they come true. Tell someone about your dream, don’t hide it under a bushel. Take a baby step towards your dream.

Just yesterday I was cleaning out my desk area at work and under my printer, I discovered a piece of paper with this written on it….”I AM TEACHING AND GUIDING GROUPS INTERNATIONALLY IN A WARM LOCATION IN THE WINTER.” I honestly have no idea when I wrote that. It served as an amazing confirmation of the power of writing and speaking  my dreams and trusting that they will unfold in divine timing.

If you feel inspired to come and play with us in our Elemental Embodiment retreats (locally or internationally) reach out so that I can add you to our list of potential adventurers. More to come….

Living my dreams,

Susie Raymond, Clear Inner Focus Life Coach/Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Esthetician, Entrepreneur

The Gift of Sacred Travel | White Sage Spa