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White Sage Spa: A wonderful selection of custom facials – Milwaukee Northshore’s hidden gem. Susie will customize each service to meet your specific needs. Her gentle healing hands add a level of relaxation and will melt your cares away.

Purchase a Package of 3 services and save.

Three 90 minute Facial services for $405 Three 75 minute Facial services for $360 Three 60 minute Services, mix and match, for $315

Benefits of a Facial Include:

  • Deep Cleansing – Because facials remove blackheads and whiteheads, your skin is less likely to break out due to clogged pores. With each facial, you should see clearer skin.
  • Circulation Boosting – The steaming process boosts blood circulation.
  • Toxin Elimination – The massage portion of the facial relaxes, soothes and encourages lymph drainage, thus improving the natural ability of the skin to rid itself of toxins.
  • Collagen Stimulation – The massage also stimulates the body’s secretion of collagen and elastin to keep skin firm and elastic.

Turnaround Time Facial:  Oxygen Facial with Gentle Peel and anti-aging serum | 90 min $145

This luxurious oxygen skin care treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated. Best for dry, devitalized skin that needs a power boost. Includes skin refining peel, extractions, massage, paraffin hand treatment, foot and scalp massage. 

Turnaround Time Facial: Max Stem Cell | 90 min $145

A potent anti-aging facial that addresses dryness, loss of vitality and elasticity. Excellent for anyone experiencing skin changes due to aging or sun damage. The Max serum, mask, and moisturizer contain active plant stem cells, with a 48 hr. time-release technology. Your skin will look and feel radiant. A paraffin hand treatment, foot massage, and scalp massage completes this ultimate facial.

Turnaround Time Facial: Organic Apple & Ferulic Vitamin C Facial | 90 min $145

This facial is designed to brighten, hydrate and prevent hyper pigmentation for all skin types. This amazing exfoliation process with apple malic acid, ferulic and vitamin C will combat many signs of aging, and stimulate collagen production.  Experience deep relaxation while high levels of vitamin C and powerful peptide serums are massaged into your skin resulting in anti-oxidant protection. The finishing touch of a DNA organic apple smoothing masque with a triple effect of heat, then cold and then firming the skin for complete rejuvenation. This also includes an amazing facial, neck & shoulder massage along paraffin hand treatment and scalp & foot massage.

Turnaround Time Facial: Seaweed infused Mask & Propolis serum | 90 min $145

This facial is best for sensitive and dehydrated skin and Rosacea.  Seaweed offers the powerful benefits of infusing the skin with sea minerals that most of us are lacking in our diet.  These minerals are beneficial in allowing the skin to retain moisture.  In addition a serum called “propolis” will be massaged into the skin which helps reduce sensitivity, inflammation, and redness.  This facial infuses the skin with minerals so that it will naturally retain moisture.  You will receive a rejuvenating shoulder, neck and facial massage along with a paraffin hand treatment, scalp, and foot massage.

Over the Moon: Vital C TLC Facial | 75 min $130

Bring vitality, brightness, hydration and Vitamin C to your skin with the natural regenerating anti-oxidants.  The wonderful natural citrus aromas will awaken your senses.  The vitamin C enzyme will gently exfoliate, rehydrate and add essential anti-oxidants.  A powerful organic serum of Ferulic acid, two types of vitamin C, and reservertrol, will be infused into the skin, finished with a calming anti-oxidant mask.  Perfect for dry, sensitive, dehydrated skin that needs a boost of vitamins, minerals and TLC. Includes paraffin hand treatment.

Over the Moon: Organic Facial | 75 min $130

This facial uses only organic products and is designed for all skin types, perfect for sensitive, reactive to acnaic.  These wonderfully formulated products will reduce redness in the skin and promote natural healing and re-balancing of the tissue.  The soothing serum and mask will re-hydrate and calm you.  You and your skin will be naturally massaged into perfect balance.  Includes paraffin hand treatment.

Over the Moon: Reiki Facial | 75 min $130

Reiki healing energy will flow throughout the entire 75 minute facial and includes a paraffin hand treatment.  The natural botanical products used will be customized to enhance your outer radiance, as the reiki energy brightens your inner radiance. You will feel renewed from your head to your soul.

White Sage Facial | 60 min $115

A luxurious facial designed to cleanse, exfoliate and re–hydrate the skin while providing stress relief and relaxation. A therapeutic and relaxing treatment tailored to suit your specific skin type. Unwind with steam and exfoliation, includes extractions, a customized mask and finishing moisturizer.  Recharge with a shoulder, neck, facial, hand and arm massage.

Essential Back Treatment | 60 min $115

Get at those hard to reach places with the skin treatment for the back. Designed to bring purity and balance to the back. This treatment will focus on cleansing, skin exfoliation, back massage and mask therapy. Perfect for men or women if you are having skin challenges on your back, or for a special occasion.

Gentleman’s Face Treatment | 60 min $115

Daily stress, fatigue and pollution can leave you feeling lifeless. The relaxing and cleansing powers of this face treatment can restore a well–groomed, vigorous appearance–important to a man’s personal and professional success. Designed especially for men, this treatment includes steaming towels, face, hand and arm massage, as well as a scalp massage.

Renewal Facial | 45 min $85

Short on time, looking for Renewal?  The steam and exfoliation will renew you and the surface of your skin.  You choose either a relaxing massage or therapeutic extractions.  A customized mask treatment will refine the look of your skin.  Always customized for what you and your skin need.


“I have been with Susie for years and she is the BEST!!! She is a real Healer and has helped me so much more than just my ‘face’. I love going on Saturday morning after a long work week and letting her work her magic using her healing hands and intuitive sense! You will love Susie and everything in her bag of tricks…”
— Val Barbatelli

“Susie is wonderfully intuitive and always knows what I need to refresh and renew during my facial and Reiki sessions. Her calm manner and peaceful space nourish the heart, body and soul. I always leave feeling relaxed, grounded and renewed. ”
— Lenore

“I always look forward to having my facial also a wonderful face, neck & arm massage. My face reflects Susie’s TLC & warm personality.”
— Claire Fabric

“I always feel amazing after any treatment I receive from Susie. It’s all about me when I go there and I give out a lot to others, so it’s a great way to keep myself well. Susie is a wonderful, loving soul.”
— Annette Crandall


By Appointment Only Tuesday Through Saturday

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White Sage Spa 1525 W Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53215 414-292-9474 Located in the western part of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee Wisconsin is most well known for it’s beer and brewing tradition. In fact, the role beer and brewing have played in shaping the city into what it is today was so significant that they worked it into the name of the local MLB baseball team, calling them the Milwaukee Brewers. This diverse city is much more than baseball and beer these days and has come a long way since those early times when alcohol was king. If you’re looking for something fun to do in Milwaukee, check out the two ideas below. The Milwaukee County Zoo A fact not known to many people outside the city is that Milwaukee is home to one of the largest zoos in the country. The Milwaukee County Zoo has approximately 2,000 permanent animal residents who call the zoo home. There are polar bears, cheetahs, gorillas, and even camels for children to ride. One of the favorite parts of the zoo for many is the petting zoo where kids and adults alike can get up close and personal with many of the zoo’s animals. Summerfest When you think about music and music festivals, a lot of places come to mind, but Milwaukee isn’t usually one of them. It should because the largest music festival in the world happens there every year. For eleven days in June and the beginning of July, music fans get to enjoy the music of all types and genres played by local bands many have never heard of to even the most famous acts that have worldwide name recognition. For example, in 2016, one of the headline acts was none other than former Police front man and global solo phenomenon Sting himself. Happening at Henry W. Maier Festival Park with Lake Michigan as a backdrop, serious music fans should make an effort to attend this event at least once in their lifetime. As you can see from these two examples, you can have a good time in Milwaukee that doesn’t require alcohol or watching men swing a bat at a little white ball. If you find yourself in the city with nothing to do, I hope you’ll check out the two attractions mentioned above.