Sessions are typically in person, we can also meet via phone or skype.  Together we will customize a Coaching package that will meet your desired outcome.  Typically, a six month coaching commitment is important for you to fully acknowledge and change the patterns that are keeping you stuck.  Creating this commitment to yourself will allow you the time to practice the new behaviors with my support and insight to move you into your own desired outcome.  Coaching is a powerful process of self-transformation and change through love and acceptance of all aspects of who you are.  We have to acknowledge and understand our own patterns in order to change the direction of our life. My intention is to teach you to coach yourself.

I believe in the power of self care so strongly I will GIFT you multiple, one hour ‘self care’ services within each coaching package, choose from Reiki, White Sage Facial, or Raindrop Therapy.  This creates a built in opportunity to practice regularly nurturing yourself. This is a unique gift when you work with me as your life coach. Schedule a 30 min free consultation.

When is it time for a Catalyst-Life Coach?

You are ready to hire a Life Coach when you desire to live a more empowered and abundant life. When you sense that there is more…however don’t have the energy to create, explore, shift, and expand on your own… When you feel resistance in the movement that you desire… When your negative self-talk is louder than the positive… When you are ready to feel empowered.

The Life Coaching process will guide you to look within at your thoughts and beliefs through understanding your emotions and the shame themes that are running your life like “I’m not good enough” “I’m unlovable”.  When you commit to yourself through the Life Coaching process you will receive guidance, action steps, and discover how to feel every emotion as LOVE. You will become more empowered in every aspect of your life, family, career, and relationships.

Life Challenges:

  • Feeling trapped in an unfulfilling career or relationship.
  • Running through life without any sense of balance, never enough time.
  • Maxed out emotionally or physically because you take care of others needs vs. your own.
  • Transitions in life i.e. empty nester, retirement, new career, new baby, loss.

I will be with you in your pain and gently guide you to see the light in the darkness.  I have honed my gift of intuitive insight, empathy and compassion. Grace is the ability to love unconditionally and see your gifts even when you can’t.  My purpose is sharing the gift of grace with you.  It is your time to receive, don’t let fear stop you, take a step and schedule your 30 min free discovery session.


Catalyst Life Coaching Rates

I encourage you to take my coaching quiz and/or book a 30 min free consultation.  Think about the change you desire and ask yourself why are you willing to stay in the pain?  Take one small step, no obligation, and meet with me, give yourself 30 minutes and experience how empowering it feels. I will review my current rates and coaching packages in person.