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Curious about reducing self-doubt, anxiety and stress?

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I’m illustrating the Seven Steps of Positive Change ™ – The Natural Learning Process in a series of blogs. I have integrated these steps into my life over the past ten years. If you desire to feel more empowered in your life you will have an opportunity to join my Personal Leadership Class beginning September 11. You will learn, experience, and practice tools to help you cultivate and master relationships with yourself and others resulting in more calm, joy, and ease.

When you continue to practice becoming aware of your thoughts with acceptance and self love you will notice when your inner critic is talking sh*t to you. Remember you choose your thoughts, you can change the inner dialog with acceptance and self love.  As you acknowledge yourself with what you are doing right vs. wrong you will naturally move to step two in the 7 steps to Positive Change ™. Step two is asking yourself “What do I desire, dream, deserve to have?” and then begin to imagine it happening.

When you become aware of your inner critic you get to challenge it and decide: “Is this what I really want to be thinking and experiencing inside myself?”  You say or think things about yourself that you would never say to someone you love.  It is a significant step to become AWARE of these thoughts, and remember you have the power to decide what thoughts you are thinking.

Practicing being more aware, accepting, and loving will naturally move you into asking yourself “What do I desire?”

Asking yourself this question “what do I desire or dream of?” may bring up more self-deprecating thoughts of ‘I don’t deserve it.’ ‘My dreams never come true.’ ‘If I dream of more doesn’t that make me selfish or ungrateful for what I have?’ If this happens to you, bring in awareness, acceptance, and self love.  It is part of our human nature to desire more…this is how we grow, learn, and expand.

Following your desires and dreams may push you to the edge of your comfort level. Fueling your desires with self love and acceptance will keep the dream alive. 

The root word for desire means “await what the stars will bring”. This definition reinforces the notion that our desires come from our heart, and divine source or God/Creator. Desires are infinite just like the stars. Your dream will never come true unless you get crystal clear on what your desire is, and most importantly what your desire feels like. 

I invite you to allow yourself to believe your dream can come true. Imagine how you will feel when you have the desire. Dreaming, imagining, feeling the desire activates decisions and choices you can make to move toward your desire.

This daily practice is activating the law of “What I focus on expands.”

Self Coaching Steps:

  1. Imagine what you will feel like experiencing your desire, and dream.  Keep a daily log: what did I do to foster my desire today, and what did I notice? Where did I see glimpses of my desire? This way you will have evidence of where and how your desire is coming to you. Focus on the desire daily. Ask yourself what one small step can I take today toward the desire?
  2. Get clear on your desire, see it, write it, feel it!
  3. Acknowledge with gratitude when you see the evidence of the desired outcome coming your way.

If you don’t see any evidence of your desire coming in, double check that you are thinking about your desire through the lens of awareness, acceptance and self love, and not self-doubt.

The day that I wrote this blog post I received this e-mail message from A Note from the Universe TUT. You can get your own personalized notes from the universe, by following the link. This is one example of synchronicity.

My e-mail message from the universe:

“Actually, Susie, dreams come from a future dimension where they already exist, and the dreamers of such dreams have future selves who now live there and are oh-so anxious to show you what is truly possible.”

(Sound of crackling, rolling, happy thunder on clear and sunny day…..)

The Universe”

I encourage you to stay open to receiving step three of the Seven Steps to Positive Change ™.

Be Curious,
Susie Raymond
Emotional Empowerment Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Esthetician, Change Catalyst


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