“A journey that started with Jealousy and ended with “I can have it too!”

A few weeks ago I was jealous. An emotion I don’t often experience. I was helping my sister with some overnight caregiving for my nephew as she went off with her husband for a number of nights of rest and relaxation to a destination spa.

As a Life Coach I like to witness my own emotions and challenge myself to see the gifts in the unpleasant ‘negative’ emotions. I reflected on a teaching from my Life Coach teacher, Patty Jackson of Clear Inner Focus Coaching, she taught me the empowered message behind jealousy. When I feel jealous that someone has or is doing something that I would love to do I have a choice. I can stay in the feeling of victimhood~’she has and I don’t’ OR I can choose to notice that if something is making me feel jealous it is a signal from my heart pointing to a desire. “I would love to do what she is doing.”

As I reflected, I recognized that I was really craving some special time with my husband at this destination spa. I started with a simple thought: “We could carve out time and go away for a night or two.” As I started to contemplate the idea two unexpected things lined up to support our time away. First, my husband received an unexpected pay increase, and an extra day off in early November. Second, my sister who watches our dog randomly said, “I miss having time with your dog, would you two plan a getaway soon.”

I put the ball in motion and I flipped my jealousy into fueling my hearts desire! I made the reservation for time with my husband. We just returned from a weekend filled with hiking and unplugging at a destination spa.

All of our emotions (especially the emotions we love to hate: anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt, jealousy) bring us empowered messages. If you are curious to learn more about these messages schedule a call and let’s go exploring together.

Susie Raymond, Catalyst Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Esthetician

Jealousy to Hearts Desire